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Some information on Xyphien Games, what we do, and our goal.

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Xyphien Games was created officially on 3/10/2020. Originally all of Xyphien’s games were individual games, however after much consideration Xyphien LLC is now a parent company to Xyphien Games which will be incorporating any and all games Xyphien creates. Right now XG has 2 games, Demi and Drink !t. However there’s already a lot of games currently on the back burner waiting for these two games to finish being developed in order to start seeing the light of day!


Chaun Farmer, or known online as Xyphien is the owner of Xyphien LLC and every sub-company of Xyphien LLC. Chaun first got hooked on making content online back in 2009 when he created his first website. Before that he was animating from 2007-2009 using a very basic program called Pivot and Flash. After his first website he began delving into everything from game creation using RPG Maker to coding his own bots. A jack of all trades, however he does have a few skills that he believes he has mastered. Website Development is one of them. Though his passion has changed drastically, in 2016 he began to create his first official game called Demi. Years later he is going to his first convention to showcase and promote Demi. 3/13/2020 to show that his main vision for the future is game development.

Lead Developer

Lead Developer namusanga has been a Full Time Remote Developer for the last 4 years, he has developed a large amount of experience working on high-end professional game projects like Dawn Of Whiteland, as well indie mobile projects with Pixel Drop Studios. And now he uses this experience to work closely with me on the technical areas of Developing the Digital Version of Demi Card Game.
He shamelessly admits that even he doesn’t fully grasp some of the complex gameplay concepts of the Demi Card Game, but that’s exactly what makes the game special!!, nevertheless, he is devoted to active Development of the game and works continuously to bring the Gods of Demi to their true resolution. More information Visit his website

Lead Designer

Matt Bulahao was originally found, and hired as an artist from Deviantart. He requested to be apart of the team, and was the first person to work on the game that wasn’t the Owner. He is the only artist on Demi Card Game, and the team doesn’t have any plans to change that any time soon. Matt was originally a freelancer that gave up freelancing for the few clients he works for. Demi, being one of them. Keeping him as the only artist ensures that the art style never changes, and looks the same throughout the lifetime of the game. Matt goes by the online name of Skaya3000, and you can find his Deviant Art page HERE

This Slot Could Be You!

If you’d like a job at Xyphien Games feel free to CONTACT US give us some examples of your previous works, explain if you’re looking for an internship, part-time, full-time job as well as recommended salary.